Wednesday, March 5, 2008

He dwelled in the underground cavernous depths of his own emptiness. Over time, his eyes adjusted to the darkness that, even though next to no light made it in his subterranean refuge, he could still see quite clearly. He didn't know how his vision had adjusted nor was he all that thankful of the phenomenon, he just took the condition as it was. He had also adapted to the soundless void that was his new home, and was surprised to discover how silence had its own very distinctive timber. His breath would often echo back to him, creating an artificial sonata of company, which then occasionally caused him to bear his teeth toward the reverberating sound. He felt silly for doing so, but only momentarily, since the realization of his lonely and desired reality was never too far away. However, his isolation changed one day after he heard her voice. At first, he firmly believe he was going mad, since he had prided himself on being perfectly alone in his refuge and had gone to great lengths to secure it. However, when the seemingly distant, hushed voice didn't stop after many concurrent hours, he started crawling on all fours in every direction to attempt to isolate it. To further cement his relative sanity, it sounded like the voice was humming, or signing a tune he had never heard. He didn't like it, but there was a definite allure to the chant he couldn't deny. According to his ears, it was coming from further down. Since time could not be specifically measured here, he had no idea how long the signing went on. He couldn't sleep because all he could focus on was the voice. Covering his ears yielded no relief, since the crystaline song seem to penetrate his ears and grate at his brain. He made a decision: he would seek out the source and the voice and silence it. Whatever it takes.

And that is why I shouldn't drink to much coffee during the day! Wheee!

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