Monday, February 18, 2008

Indiana Jones and Lost Bacon Press

The cat decided we had slept enough around 5 o’clock this morning, causing me to consider what feline stew might taste like. No need to alert PETA right away though, since I was way too lazy to get some water boiling at 5 AM. I might sauté him tomorrow though if this keeps up.

I saw the new Indiana Jones trailer over the weekend, and it’s uniformly excellent! It actually prompted me to go and pick up the DVD set of the prior movies and we managed to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark on Saturday night. Talk about a movie that aged well: it’s still exciting, funny and a blast to watch. Harrison Ford once talked about the differences between Indy and Han Solo, and being the Star Wars nut that I am, I was definitely able to see his opinion when watching Raiders. You see, Ford believes that one of the main differences between the characters is that Han was an extremely capable smuggler: he was an excellent pilot, somewhat of a rogue and impulsive. Indy, on the other hand, got in way over his head on multiple occasions and barely managed to make it out alive during several instances, owing his survival to luck (primarily) and fighting dirty. Indy didn’t have the sharp reflexes or ingenuity of Solo, so he had to make due with what he had at his disposal. This concept comes right through upon viewing Raiders with that in mind and, from the looks of it, will carry right through to the fourth Indiana Jones movie. I’m very excited to see that one now. Incidentally, I managed to snag the last copy of the set at the local Future Shop: everywhere else was completely sold out, so I don't think I'm the only person who was in the mood for keeping up with Dr. Jones after seeing the trailer.

I ran into some of my old coworkers on the weekend and was quite pleased to see them (and by old-coworkers, I am not inferring anything in regards to their age... Well, maybe except a few, but they will remain nameless for now). One of them actually told me that they keep tabs of the blog, so that’s just fantastic! When I started this little thing, I didn’t really think that anyone would really read it all that much, so hearing that little tidbit of news made my week!

Lastly for now: finding a bacon press in Moncton is really, really hard.

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