Tuesday, March 11, 2008

As any intrepid reader might have deduced: yesterday was a busy day. So busy in fact that I didn't get a chance to post (collective gasp! from the crowd). Here’s a brief rundown of my day yesterday:

1 - Internal clock still frakked because of the time change. Getting up when ‘the crack of dawn’ is still in bed is hard.

2 - Work was hectic, which is good, really, since the day flew right by. Still though, my brain was tired at the end of the night.

B - Visited a tailor to get my Armani suit (that I bought of eBay) adjusted for my upcoming trip to London.

%&@! - Drove all over to go pick up the two kids and the wife, which segue’s well into my next point...

vanilla - Bought a new used car. We’re now going to be a 2 family vehicle, so it should alleviate point number %&@!. This particular point caused much further driving around on my part to give the seller a small deposit on the car. I’ll be able to pay him fully later and then park our two cars in the driveway tonight. Two Ford’s as well.. Weird!

Aside from that, SV and I managed to catch a little more of ‘Planet Earth’ last night and it truly is a smashing documentary. It really shows off the Blu Ray capabilities of the PS3 very well since the visuals are just stunning in their clarity, and it’s just interesting all around. I also get the impression that we’re also well on our way to finishing ‘Ratchet & Clank Future’. Granted, we’ve only had the game for over a week, but we’ve played every night for at least an hour for that same period of time. Of course, I’ll definitely be playing it over again to further upgrade all the weapons, so you could say that we still have a long way to go and not by entirely wrong. So yeah, that was our evening in a nutshell, and both SV and I are happy that our oldest son is back from his trip to Vancouver.

He definitely needs a shave though. :-/

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